NEW Course! ‘Chofetz Chaim Laws of Proper Speech III’

3 02 2010
Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg is back with his popular Lashon Hara class for a third series!
Powerful Words: Chofetz Chaim Laws of Proper Speech III
The Laws of Proper Speech, codified in Sefer Chofetz Chaim, are the foundation of many of the laws governing human interaction. Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg teaches Sefer Chofetz Chaim, detailing the laws of proper and improper speech. Every class begins with a textual analysis of the sefer, and then discusses practical applications of the material discussed. Rabbi Ginsburg’s ultimate goal is encouraging self awareness and self-improvement in the areas of Mitzvot bein adam l’chavero (human relations).
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Believing Lashon Hara
In this Torah shiur on the laws and perspectives pertaining to one’s speech, Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg begins klal 6 of Sefer Chofetz Chaim, which talks about the prohibition to believe or hear any derogatory speech about others.

Hilchot Shabbat Come Alive!

9 11 2009

Hilchot Shabbat

Rabbi Shimon Isaacson provides users with an in-depth study of the Laws of Shabbat, focusing on both the Halachik underpinnings and reasoning behind the laws, and the practical details of their execution.

One student writes in about the class Candle Lighting as Kabbalat Shabbat

‘Brilliant Shiur! Thank you so much!! This is what I have needed for years!!’ -Anoymous

Rabbi Avishai David Teaches Sefer Yirmiyahu

6 07 2009

In this Torah shiur (class) on Sefer Yirmiyahu, Rabbi Avishai David discusses the Gemara Yuma 69.

The full length version of this class is available by clicking here.