Naaleh – Filling a Void in this Jewish Vacuum

7 10 2008

Not long ago, an anonymous “friend” from an online forum for religious women told me about As a formerly non-observant Jew who is gradually taking on more and more mitzvoth, I was curious. I navigated to and found a wealth of inspiring and informative lectures on a wide range of topics. This bounty was a welcome alternative to the scratchy 15 year old tapes of lectures from Or Sameach that I had borrowed from my Orthodox brother. These tapes I needed to turn up to such a high volume to hear that I was afraid they would awaken my napping children! So what a joy to find the high quality, interesting lectures on this website. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my former teacher from my short stint at Neve Yerushalayim, Rebbitzen Heller, was a regular contributor to this site.

Naaleh is filling a void in my life. I am embarking on a journey towards some undetermined level of frumkeit while I reside in a non-religious climate. My family and I currently make our home in an area that is isolated even from other people, let alone from other Jews, let alone from observant Jews! We live quite literally in the middle of the woods in a rural part of the United States. We live in a place where the nearest mikveh is over an hour away, where the nearest shiurim would be a minimum of 45 minutes away, where when I cover my hair, people are more likely to think I am undergoing chemotherapy than adhering to the laws of tzniyut. Here in this Jewish vacuum, I have been lucky to find Naaleh, a virtual community of Torah observant Jews learning about avodat Hashem. Thank you for the opportunity to continue learning!

– Sari Cohen (New Hampshire, USA)