Naaleh – Proving Cyberspace Can Be Personal

25 09 2008

Late in the year of 2006, I came across an interesting website, an “online Torah school.” I was intrigued, and registered for a free trial period. This was before Naaleh went completely Free!
It’s been almost two years since I discovered Naaleh, and it has changed my life. Being able to watch outstanding Torah classes whenever I wanted was impressive enough, but my real turning point started several months ago when Naaleh sent out an email announcing a pilot program. Interested students chose a course, watched one class weekly, took notes, took tests, posted on forums, and wrote a final essay. I enrolled in Rebbetzin Heller’s course on bitachon, “The Meaning of Trust.”

I didn’t realize how much more I’d gain from this program. It brought my learning to a completely different level. Taking notes caused me to follow the class more closely, reviewing my notes helped me understand and retain the lessons much better, and summing it up in the final essay concretized everything I had learned. The course itself taught me the most important thing I have ever learned – how to relate to and bring Hashem into every part of my life. It awakened me to be much more aware of Hashem and, at least now, I know how to redirect my thoughts and deeds to make Hashem the center of my picture.

One of my favorite things about Naaleh is the depth and scope of the learning on the site. The above course had eleven classes, each about an hour long, and in every class Rebbetzin Heller went into clear detail about a different area of bitachon. It’s incredible! I very much enjoyed her teachings on tzniut and achdut, as well as all of her lessons, which I found to be strikingly insightful, refreshing, and beautifully real.

Besides for the actual learning, at Naaleh you get to know these exceptional teachers a little bit – and that is truly inspiring. When Rebbetzin Heller gives a class, she smiles at the video camera, as if we are right there in front of her. She sincerely cares about us far-off and unknown students. When she talks about painful issues, you can feel the compassion and understanding flowing through the screen. In the new question/answer sessions, the connection was powerful. If you don’t believe cyberspace could be so personal, after Naaleh you’ll believe it.

I can never thank Naaleh enough for everything they’ve given me. What they put together is revolutionary. May Hashem bless all the wonderful people who make Naaleh a reality.

Ayelet Elbaz – Long Branch, NJ

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19 08 2008

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