More Simchat Chaim While Doing My Daily Chores

7 10 2008 has granted me access to a vast array of shiurim. Currently, I work from home and have to take care of the home.  I crave Torah and am very grateful to Hashem that I can bring Torah into my home with such ease, and on my own time.

Naaleh’s shiurim are given by very talented and inspiring teachers. They are the kind of shiurim that I would love to sit in physically, but am not able to do so. There are so many topics available, allowing me to choose which Torah topic is specifically want to learn. This also allows me to give my children fresh Torah that I have just learned. helps bring kedusha into my home when I am folding laundry or doing other such mundane tasks. Who would have thought that while folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping, etc, I could bring kedusha into my home with just the press of a button? Listening to the classes on Naaleh has made tasks that I have always dreaded become easier to do. So not only is my home neater now, but I have more Simchat Chaim while I do my daily chores.

Thank You.

– Tzviah (Raanana, Israel)