Naaleh Brings Torah Learning to People Around the World!

28 10 2010

No matter the location, people around the world are getting inspired with all the amazing classes and teachers at Naaleh Torah Online. Two of our students recently wrote it:

‘Thank you so much for your fantastic website. I’m a university student in England and love the range of topics of Shiurim and special speakers. It is a wonderful way to fullfil “yhi beitcha beit vaad lachachamim”! Thank you so much.’


‘Thank you for this wonderful website. There are no words to express how much inspiration I’ve gained.’

-Sarah S.

Students Experiencing Growth from Naaleh Classes

20 10 2010

With all the inspiring classes available at, students are making strides in their learning and growth. Recently one our students wrote it with the following comment:

‘I just wanted to say how much I love Naaleh. The shiurim are amazing and I am learning and growing so much from the site, thank you!’ -Anonymous

This is exactly the purpose of Naaleh and we hope you are taking advantage of all the free classes we have to offer. We hope to hear from you too- so please send in your comments to


‘Rebbetzin Heller’s Guidance is So Practical and So Inspiring!’

7 07 2010

Meaningful and Productive Summers for our Children

by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

‘I’m overwhelmed! Rebbetzin Heller’s guidance is so practical and so inspiring! To a generation of baalei teshuva (newcomers to religious Judaism)- who would have wished their mothers knew to give them such sensitive guidance – these classes teach us how to give our children something so so much better. Thank you. May you continue with mazal and Bracha.’

– Julia Silver  London, England

Raving Reviews for Rabbi Isaacson’s Hilchot Shabbat Class

30 06 2010

“I really like Rav Isaacson’s Hilchot Shabbat class. It is inspiring, intellectually stimulating, and very practical. Thank you!”

– Shira Kandel   Jerusalem, Israel

Check out Rabbi Isaacson’s latest Hilchot Shabbat class here:

Positive Feedback for Mrs. Shira Smiles Class on Mashiach

21 01 2010

I enjoy this website so much!! Thank you for all of your work and dedication! I have been listening to Mrs. Smiles Chumash class on the Seeds of Mashiach: Yehuda and Tamar and it was fascinating and inspiring. I enjoyed it greatly and am looking forward to the next installment!

– M.B.

Check out the first class in this series:

Woman on Bedrest Learns Torah

6 01 2010

Thank you for this wonderful teaching*. I have been put on bedrest and can’t read and located this teaching so I would not have to miss the Parsha this week. It was a true blessing to hear such wonderful Torah insight.

-Darla Deckard, Texas

*Check out the Parsha class by Rabbi Hershel Reichman:

Torah to Get You Through Your Day

24 12 2009

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for this website. It has helped me so much. I listen to the Shiurim while I clean up, do washing, exercise on the machine, anything. It just helps fill my life with Torah and I am so grateful. So far I have listened to Rebbetzin Heller and the Shabbos Halacha and Shmiras HaLashon. I really enjoy them all. Thank you!


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