Our Name

Na’aleh means “let us ascend.” We chose this name because we believe Jewish learning is the key to continuous spiritual growth and elevation.

Our Mission

Na’aleh Torah Online is a US Non-profit, designed by experienced Yeshiva and Seminary professionals from Israel, under international Rabbinic guidance. Our goal is to provide FREE online continuing Jewish education to people of all ages and backgrounds. Na’aleh Torah Online does not discriminate based on gender, race, or any other affiliation.

Our Services

Na’aleh offers unique features and services which together form a comprehensive learning program for the motivated Jew:

1. FREE online Torah classes. Naaleh Torah Online’s classes are available to members completely FREE of charge. Join Now and start enjoying our amazing classes!

2. VIDEO, not just audio, classes. All Na’aleh Torah Online classes are available in streaming video as well as ipod video download, so that you are able to see your teachers, not just hear them.

3. Video & Audio DOWNLOADS Don’t have time to watch your favorite teachers online? All Na’aleh Torah Online classes are also available as mp3 audio and ipod video downloads. Download Na’aleh classes and watch them anywhere, anytime. And better yet, all Naaleh Torah Online downloads are completely FREE. So download to your hearts desire and take our classes with you wherever you go!

4. ONGOING CLASS SERIES, not just individual classes. This allows members to explore a topic in-depth over an extended period of time, a structure similar to that of a yeshiva or seminary.

5. WORLD RENOWNED TEACHERS from great Yeshivas and Seminaries.

6. FORUMS where students and teachers discuss Torah topics and connect with each other to form a supportive network of people committed to Torah ideals. Separate forums for men and women.

8 responses

16 11 2009
hindy kuperwasser

thank you for the phenomenal array of classes that you offer! tizku limitzvos! I was wondering if it would be possible to have more of R Moshe Weinberger’s classes available. I find his classes unique in their blend of depth,emotion, passion and sincerity, and would love to listen to more than the 1 series offered. Additionally, i had a technical question- how can i submit a question to R Heller for her question and answer shiur. Thanking you in advance for your time, hindy kuperwasser

16 11 2009

send all questions for rebbetzin heller to contact@naaleh.com

31 01 2010
Tzipporah Perel

TOday I logged on Naaleh to continue to listen to R’Heller’s shiur and…there was no naaleh!!!
What happened?
-Thirsty for Naaleh

3 02 2010

The website is working just fine. Please send an email to contact@naaleh.com if you experience any more issues.

25 11 2010

how do i submit a question to reb heller on her question and answer series?

28 11 2010

You can send all questions for Rebbetzin Heller to contact@naaleh.com.

2 06 2011
Rabbi Meilech Spitzer

I would like to put on your web site our new “Gilyon” with Divrei Torah from Rabbi Mordechai Silver of Toldos Yehuda Stitchin – Brooklyn N.Y. for Yom Tov חג השבועות.
Please let me know about it.
Thank You
Meilech Spitzer

25 07 2012

I want to say a huge Thank You!! for this amazing site and the vast selection of lectures. It is a great chesed to the comunity to make all these inspiring shiurim available at no cost! May it be a merit for all those organising and sponsoring, and to all Am Israel. Tizcu l’mitzvot!

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