Receptacle of Blessing

5 06 2012

Based on a shiur by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

Parshat Naso discusses the sotah (the woman suspected of being unfaithful to her husband). The Torah tells us that if she was found guilty she died a horrific death. If she emerged innocent, she was blessed. This seems perplexing. Why was she rewarded for not being guilty?

The sages teach us that in the times of the beit hamikdash if a man refused to give his wife a divorce, the religious court was authorized to beat him until he capitulated. If the husband just said, “I will give a divorce,” or, “All right I’ll sign,” it wasn’t enough. He had to say, “I want to give her a divorce.” The Rambam and other commentators ask, what validity does this coerced contract carry? The Rambam explains that the husband really wants to do right but he is trapped by his evil inclination. After the beating his true will is revealed.

Similarly in the case of the sotah, she was seized by her yetzer hara. If she could step back and review the situatino, she would certainly not compromise herself again. When she was proven innocent, it was a revelation of her true will. That moment of clarity, when she saw her real essence, was enough to make her into a receptacle of blessing.

May we discover our true will and accept the Torah fully and with love.



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