What is the proper balance of trusting Hashem and being responsible?

8 01 2012

Achieving Balance #3

Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on Naaleh.com

Achieving Balance: Class#3


What is the proper balance of trusting Hashem and being responsible?  According to the book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” most things are preventable and can be controlled, as long as you are smart, think ahead, and prepare for different situations. I trust Hashem, but I have so much to work on when it comes to my own actions, that I can’t write off everything that happens as His decision, because I could have really done better.  Is this correct?




You can do everything right. You can plan ahead, define what your goals are, take steps to work towards it, and consult, but you will not necessarily get the results you anticipated. You can follow the “seven habits,” but unlike what the book espouses, it doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome.


On the flipside, if you do everything wrong, your results will most likely be influenced by your misguided decisions. Hashem created the world in a way where he gives us what we need if our hands are outstretched to receive. The balance of hishtadlut (effort) and bitachon (trust) is doing what you can and trusting Hashem. It’s opening your hands to receive, but realizing that ultimately Hashem will give you what’s good for you. However, no outside force can change anything except Hashem Himself.




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