Rebbetzin’s Perspective- Preparing for Mashiach

10 08 2011

Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on

Rebbetzin's Perspective III #4


How do we anticipate Mashiach, if the era before his coming seems so frightening and confusing? Is there something we can take upon ourselves to ensure that we get through this period safely?




How it will be is really up to us. It depends on how much we are willing to make changes and how aware we are.


A friend of mine went to the Rachmastrivke Rebbetzin and asked her, “What should we be doing about all the tragedies happening in our time?” She answered, “Don’t you trust Hashem? He is taking us to where we have to go. Things will happen soon and it will be good.”


We need to realize that Hashem has far more compassion for us than we have for ourselves. If the price we’ll have to pay will be awesome, we should know that all our suffering is only to get us to a place that is far better than anything we can imagine. The financial calamities, the unbelievable chutzpah, the lack of respect for Torah, are all events which were foretold.


Rav Elyashiv says people are asleep. We need to arouse ourselves to the possibilities of every moment and to encourage others to do the same. Torah and chesed can save us from the birth pangs of Mashiach. As women we can be kind to others, offer support, and love our fellow Jews with all our hearts. We can study the Torah that we find relevant and inspiring. We should yearn for Mashiach. It is the only solution to the terrible things happening around us.


Don’t confuse the solution with the problem. The problem is galut, the symptoms are all the horrific things happening to awaken us. The solution is Mashiach leading us to the time of enlightenment. We have to point our hearts in that direction. In our minds we should hope for the redemption. With our actions, we should endeavor to move forward day by day, so that when Mashiach finally comes, we’ll be ready to greet him.



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11 08 2011
Linda Mandel Cucher

Heavy…Holy stuff 🙂

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