Simcha and Bitachon

27 07 2011
Based on a shiur by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

Simcha and BitachonHashem tell us, “I have betrothed you forever.” The bond that binds us to our Maker is faith. A person who has emunah, trusts that Hashem is the tzur-the rock. Tzur can also be translated as l’tzayer-to draw. Hashem is the artist who creates the picture, we only fill in the colors. Just as a sick person will swallow medicine happily, knowing that it will cure him, if a person truly believes that his suffering will heal him, he will rejoice with it. There’s a kind of simcha where people just want to let go of their emotions and escape reality for a while. But there’s simcha where it is life itself, where you bring yourself to a level so profound that you are compelled to dance. Anyone with true bitachon can achieve this. Inner peace brings inner happiness and there is no one richer than one who rejoices in Hashem.

We must develop a new way of relating to mitzvot. Particularly when it is difficult, we should treasure the experience, because it is these commandments that will takes us towards clarity and the interpretation of life, as opposed to the fogginess brought by investing oneself in transient things. Doing a mitzvah with joy earns a thousand times more reward than treating it as a burden. The reward of a mitzvah is feeling closer to Hashem. A mitzvah is compared to a merkava-a chariot, and simcha is the fuel which takes the person where he needs to go. When a person is consistently happy, his soul is connected to the source of joy and Hashem reveals His secrets to him. When one’s soul comes to that level of consciousness, it is in a constant state of delight and it is continually full of desire and yearning for Hashem’s love.

I was reading in Reishet Chochma about the author’s daily routine, how he awakens in the morning and cannot wait to get out of bed, because it’s another new day with fresh opportunities to rise higher and come closer to Hashem. The Shechina can’t dwell where there is sadness because it is a reflection of forgetting who is really in control. Hashem will give a person more simcha in response to simcha and his soul will be reignited and will burn with great love.

True tzadikim serve Hashem with happiness. When they have to say no to themselves, which everyone has to sometimes, it gives them joy. This is a natural consequence of bitachon, as it says “Ohr zaruah l’tzaddik-light is implanted in the tzadik. Rashi says, “Ohr mamush“- they see things clearly. Giving up something for Hashem brings us to a point where we can perceive the Shechina, and that is the greatest simcha of all.




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