Question Index for Rebbetzin’s Perspective III

13 03 2011

Index for Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series- Rebbetzin’s Perspective III on

Class 1

  • Kibud av and reproaching parents about lashon hara
  • My son acts effeminate
  • Caught in the trap –not a fulltime mother nor free to pursue a career
  • Teaching children how to relate to non-Jews
  • My single older daughter does not dress in line with what she wants in a husband
  • Tzniut and covering ones legs
  • Why do married women need to cover their hair
  • How to build a personal relationship with Hashem
  • I’m a deep thinker, should I look for the same in my future husband?
  • Is the ‘fitted look’ really not ok?


Class 2

  • How to relate to parents disapproval of my husband and our choice to be chareidi
  • Dealing with non-Jewish kids on the block
  • My son tests me with hurtful comments
  • Balancing Gashmiut and Ruchniyut desires
  • Tzniut and how to give reproach


Class 3

  • Determing the minhag for wearing tights
  • How to manage eleven year old daughter going on fifteen
  • Shawls and Redids-Is it in line in today’s times?
  • Husband and wife on different spiritual levels
  • How to deal with five year old daughter’s alarming comments
  • Living in a frum community versus living in a less religious area
  • Help! My daughter hates reading



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