What is the Meaning of Tragedies?

4 01 2011

Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on Naaleh.com

Rebbetzin's Perspective I: Class #1


Why do we need horrific tragedies to make us aware that we need to strengthen our achdut? What can we do as individuals or as a community to rectify this?


This is a terrible reality. I have seen chesed break down barriers in a tremendous way. The people who do bikur cholim, those who serve lunch at soup kitchens, and the families that open their homes on Shabbat are all people who do not have big barriers separating them from other Jews.  The more chesed you do, the more you identify and empathize with others.


Many times people are afraid that associating with people at a lower level of observance can have a negative impact on their own or their children’s spiritual development. There really is no consensus where to draw the limits. However, you can start by refusing to speak evil about any Jew under any circumstances.  You don’t have to become the other person to do this. Another step would be to make an effort to broaden and deepen your perception of others.


If you are strong in your religious beliefs and your children sense that you are guiding them and not the other way around, then only good can come of reaching out to others.



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