Make this Shabbat More Meaningful by Learning the Parsha- Two Great Classes on Parshat Eikev!

27 07 2010

Every week features Parsha classes to help you prepare for Shabbat. Isn’t is great knowing what the parsha in talking about while listening to the  Torah reading? Check out this week’s parsha, Parshat Eikev:

Parshat Eikev: Manna, Bread of Affliction?

Mrs. Chana Prero analyzes the command to keep the “entire mitzva” and the description of the desert experience in our parsha.

Parshat Eikev: Mind and Heart United

Rabbi Hershel Reichman teaches about how the elements of mind and heart often conflict with one another. Yet, the Torah teaches how to combine mind and heart creating one powerful drive  in the service  of G-d.




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