How Can I Remain Spiritually Uplifted?

9 06 2010

Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on

Achieving Balance:  Class #12Question: I try to make all the mitzvot I perform more meaningful by being mindful to bring Hashem into my life with my heart and concentrating on feeling grateful to Him. But despite this, I usually find myself just going through the motions. The feeling of real closeness to Hashem happens only once in a while and I feel like I need to sense it more.  I have a non-observant sister who practices Eastern Healing.   She is able to get her spiritual high without the obligation of keeping Torah and mitzvot.  Why can’t I experience this same elation from davening and concentrating on brachot?

I suspect your problem is that you don’t see the connection between the mitzvot and how they bring a Jew closer to Hashem. I suggest you study Horeb and Rav Hirsch’s commentary on the Torah. It may be difficult to learn because it was originally written in German and the English translation is somewhat stilted. Get through it anyway. He will show you how the connection works. Once you understand the mechanism, you’ll feel different.
The more you understand the workings of a mitzva and how Hashem’s wisdom is an intricate part of it, the easier it will be to develop that spiritual bond. He knows our souls and defined the mitzvot to create connection. If you can bring your mind into it, it will inform you more than you think.
Eastern healing does this inside out. There’s the external sensation of meaning without reality. People think they are connected but they really aren’t. You can have the feeling of tikun without actual tikun. On the other hand, you can have what really gives you tikun, not necessarily with the accompanying feeling, unless you work to understand it better.

The numerical value of Elokim is hateva, nature. Nature is from Hashem but Hashem is not nature, He’s far more. When you worship nature, which is the essence of Eastern religion, there are consequences. You make Hashem so small that there is no accounting, no World To Come, no direct link, and no prophecy. Embarking on that spiritual path will only lead you downhill. Concentrate on developing a deep understanding of the mitzvot and use that as a springboard to come closer to Hashem.



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