Relating To Torah Leaders

11 05 2010

Based on a shiur by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller


Unfortunately our generation has experienced an enormous erosion in emunat chachamim. Adults who voice their negative opinions about Torah leaders openly cannot realistically expect their children to have pure emunat chachamim. Therefore, before we educate our children, we have to first inculcate ourselves with respect for Torah leaders. This does not mean thinking that Rabbis never make mistakes. They are human just like us. It means trusting that our chachamim have the ability through their outstanding Torah knowledge and middot, to see truth through a higher, deeper, more inclusive lens than we can. Anyone who acts like a normal person in a less exalted state is not in touch with emet. The real chachamim are. That is the difference between them and us.

How do we teach emunat chachamim to very young children? It says, “Vahaya einacha roya es morecha”-Let your eyes see your teachers. This can begin in babyhood. An easy and passive way to start is to place cardboard pictures of tzaddikim in your infant’s crib. Additionally, let them hear you talk the talk. When terrible news happen, pray to Hashem out loud, “Hashem, in the merit of our avot, save us,” This will show your children that your faith in emunat chachamim is real and tangible.

We will continue our discussion of emunat chachamim B’Ezrat Hashem next week.



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