Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s ‘Rebbetzin’s Perspective’ Q&A Index

23 02 2010

Rebbetzin’s Perspective’ Index

Class #1

Introverted child
•      Women in Judaism
•      Prayer for others
•       Junk food for kids
•      Jewish tragedies
•      One mitzvah- “get well”
•      Hard time with self definition
•      Obsession with looks
•      Alone in a crowd
•      Fixing the world

Class #2

•    Changing others by changing yourself
•    Dealing with suffering
•    Building a relationship with my teenager
•    Childless friend
•    Filling my day meaningfully
•    Meaning of achdus
•    Child born with illness
•    Length of existence of immoral society
•    No choices in suffering
•    Different spiritual battles than Goyim
•    Hachnasat orchim
•    Election confusion
•    Bashert second time around

Class 3

  • Torn: Father vs. Full time learning
  • Recent miscarriages
  • Sexist remarks in Judaism
    • Need for approval
    • Avoiding over involvement
    • No nice boys
    • Purim for kids

Class 4

  • What does Loving Hashem mean?
  • Everything comes from Hashem
  • Balance between Torah and daily life
  • Need a program for your own spiritual growth
  • Discovering yourself – Who are you?
  • Bais Yaakov teaches how to respond to life
  • Schools need to teach how to put into practice
  • Tznius guidelines in relating to men
  • Girls learning Torah
  • Relaxation
  • Tzniut

Class 5

  • What is Bashert the second time around?
  • All those kids – what is that about?
  • Kids not happy and don’t know I care
  • How does a woman choose her husband’s ratzon
  • Is my identity what I do?
  • Conforming in dress and culture
  • I stick out from my pre-religious friends
  • Husband learning skills question
  • Tithing time in kiruv
  • Why do men and women have different Mitzvot?

Class 6

  • What are the proper boundaries for being a vatran?
  • Giving to fellow Jews
  • Haunted by the tragedy of Esther
  • Male guests
  • Fighting adversity
  • Kiruv oriented classes
  • Promoting Ahavas Chinam
  • Spiritual level of Jews in Egypt
  • Leah hated wife
  • How could Esther mary Achashveirosh
  • Reaching out

Class 7

  • Inspire davening
  • Kollel
  • Hashkafic points about Pesach for kids
  • Inspire ten yr old to daven
  • How talk to daughter about boy/girl interaction
  • How can I know who I am?
  • Getting drunk on Purim
  • A) Poorly treated animals B) Oral Torahs Mesora
  • Teaching a parent
  • Feeling and action
  • What is the message HaShem wants me to take from the troubles Ive been having?

Class 8

  • Hahkafic lessons of Sefiras HaOmer and Shavuous for children
  • Handling insults
  • Halachos of Sefer Torah and Niddah
  • How do I naviget between feeling greatful for the good I have while      knowing that I have a lot that I want to change
  • Living with critical family
  • Explaining Kiddush and Chillul HaShem
  • Listening to non-Jewish music
  • Beauty in the Torah
  • How do I stop talking about others to avoid talking about myself?
  • Questions about women in Tanach
  • Understanding how ALL parents leave children as mention in Tehillim
  • How do I deal with judgements people make about me based on my clothing?

Class 9

  • How do I deal with my difficult family situation in the most positive    way?
  • How should I respond to antisemitism around me?
  • Davening at ancestors graves
  • Women vs. men as formal teachers of Torah
  • A)Tznius often expressed externally B) Womens preformances
  • A)Compassion for non-jews- a Jewish perspective B) Value of life- spiritually and physically
  • Couples status in Olam Habah
  • Feeling judged
  • Why did G-d create us?

Class 10

  • Finding time to contribute uniquely
  • Should my husband stay in an unfulfilling but secure job?
  • People are involving themselves in my married life and I don’t want them to.
  • People try to get me to date when I’m not interested yet
  • Why are there so many people who have no knowledge of G-d
  • Security worries in Israel
  • What should our attitude be towards the danger of living in Israel?
  • Viewing G-d as sadistic and the connection it has to other relationships
  • Feeling more compassionate toward socially awkward relatives
  • Loshon Hora and Kibbud Eim
  • Series of questions to help women be inspired by their avodah in the home
  • Are women an inherently lower creation than men?

Class 11

  • Israel is not subject to derech hatevah
  • Is Hashem sadistic?
  • Tzius stringencies

Class 12

  • Posistive approach to teaching an 11 year old girl about Mitzvot in a difficult home dynamic
  • Connecting head and heart about living day by day in a hard situation
  • Practical approach to Tznius in thought and speech
  • Balance of Bitachon and Hishtadlus
  • How should I react to judgments based on clothing
  • Women dancing in public and on video
  • Minhag hamakom and covering the lower leg
  • Mental disorders in the Torah and Bechira

Class 13

  • Approach to Prayer as a woman parameters and suggestions
  • Approach to Tehillim and suggestions
  • Is it right to encourage a career in chinuch?
  • Emotional wellness vs. Kibbud Av V’Aim
  • Smooth sailing and worried – is this a lack of Bitachon
  • Smooth sailing and worried – is this a lack of Bitachon
  • How so I lift myself out of constantly worrying about my son?
  • Women in black/dark colors
  • Women asked strongly to improve in Tznius while men are not asked to improve in other things as severly
  • Giving over The 3 Weeks and Tisha B’Av to children

Class 14

  • I believe my father is a bad person
  • Difficult dynamics of mother and married daughters relationship
  • Too comfortable talking about “anything”
  • Questions about Megillas Rus
  • Recognizing Hashgacha Pratis in family relationships – who does this apply to?
  • Who does a single woman nurture?
  • Understanding Jewish and Non-Jewish souls
  • Moving to Israel and questioning the choice
  • Learning to “take the heat” while doing klal work
  • Setting up a learning schedule

Class 15

  • As a wife and mother how do I focus on spirituality throughout my day?
  • Prioritizing responsabilities
  • Friends elbows
  • Would like husbands help planning vacations
  • How do I learn healthy life skills to interact well with my family?
  • Rebbetzin Hellers stories of marrying off her kids
  • Chizuk in supporting husbands learning
  • Finding time for myself in a very busy schedule
  • Struggling with finances



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