Question Index for Rebbetzin’s Perspective II: Questions and Answers for Today’s Jewish Woman

23 02 2010

Rebbetzin’s Perspective II

Class 1

  • Rewarding children for helping around the house
  • Suspect neighbor abusive to wife
  • Clarity of Jewish women in Mitzrayim
  • Help avoiding Loshon Hora and dealing with anger and disappointment caused by machlokes
  • Understanding the dynamic of husband and wife in reference to Ruchnius goals
  • Should I stop nursing my child to increase my chances of having more children?
  • Explaining my parents divorce to my children
  • Explanation of custom of not allowing babies to look in the mirror
  • Spiritual significance of Hebrew birthdays
  • Understanding the atonement ritual of the Azazel
  • Men and women’s roles – the generally accepted view
  • Bringing HaShems Shechina into the world
  • Husband doesn’t attend Minyan regularly

Class 2

  • Understanding the atonement ritual of the Azazel
  • Men and women’s roles – the generally accepted view
  • Love and respect in marriage

Class 3

  • Balancing obvious chessed opportunities with a healthy family life
  • Feasible to take on 5 new children?
  • Good friend struggling with shidduchim
  • At what age should father insist that his child daven every word of Shemoneh Esrei?
  • Sensitivity to having single mothers for Shabbos meals
  • Dealing with 13 months olds tantrums
  • Gift recommendation for a 14 year old boy to help be mekarev him.

Class 4

  • Rain
  • Getting rid of bad thoughts
  • Practically respecting your husband
  • What obligations do I have to my Jewish help in the house?
  • Perek Shira
  • Dealing with husband’s criticism
  • Shidduchim and losing weight
  • HaShems hashgacha in terms of rain
  • Helping guests feel appreciated while maintaining the Kedusha of our home
  • Helping young children understand HaShems love and Din on their level

Class 5

  • Defining ones tafkid without the role of being a mother
  • Practical advice on organization and increasing self esteem.
  • Practical help contacting Gedolim.
  • Planned parenting and knowing when I’m ready for a second child.
  • Davening tips for Tefillah at home with my seven year old son.
  • Response for a child being bullied.
  • Balance of giving child rebuke for onaas devarim and building his self image.
  • Encouraging 10 year old daughter to stop playing with neighbors who are boys.
  • Comments on Kollel lifestyle

Class 6

  • Shidduchim conflicts caused by choice of college major.
  • Labor in Judaism
  • Handling chutzpah for children ages 10-13
  • Kollel at the expense of children
  • What lack did Chava fill for Adam?
  • Tefillah
  • Tefillah B
  • Understanding the role of a wife who is stronger in spirituality than her husband.
  • Women and visiting cemeteries
  • Old meaningful friendship- should I maintain it even though our lives are so different now.
  • Teaching Shmiras Einayim to children
  • Stories on jealousy to be mechanech children

Class 7

  • Response to 7 years old child’s questions about goyim kissing in the street.
  • Parameters for a relationship with angry family member.
  • Response to others who cut ahead in line.
  • Hashkafa on Chanukah gifts.
  • Bad dreams in Judaism
  • Understanding Medrash about women wearing jewelry exclusively in the house.
  • Practically applying the idea of the Medrash that a married woman should stay in her home to avoid being a stumbling block for men.
  • Correct attitude toward husbands decision to paskin his own shailas
  • Help deciding which school system to choose for son.

Class 8

  • Love for music
  • Conflict between value of working and staying home with my children
  • What is the parent’s role towards childrens gift money?
  • Explanation of the mitzvah of sanctifying time
  • Emunas chachamim today
  • Practically cultivating simcha and relating positively to nisyonos
  • Halachot of sleeve length and explaining the psak
  • Clarification on quantity vs. quality time with children
  • “Friend’s” judgmental comments and tznius in speech

Class 9

  • Practical ways to improve middot
  • How to deal with the neighbor’s child’s negative influence
  • Are Polly Pocket dolls really not ok?
  • Frum perspective on piercing ears
  • Judaism’s view on vegetarianism
  • Hashkafic difficulties with entering the mental health field
  • Making shidduchim the right way
  • How to calm son’s fears at the dentist

Class 10

  • Coping with the trauma of a son’s brit
  • Chinuch on fitting in with friends and refined speech
  • Taharat Hamishpacha and is this a chumra?
  • Dealing with threats of war
  • What defines time which is actually lived?
  • Different standards in kashrut and avoiding offending others
  • Handling sibling personality clashes
  • Is it ok to follow the news?




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