Hebrew Birthdays

1 02 2010

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller discusses the significance of Hebrew Birthdays in her question and answer series:

The Mussar RevolutionQuestion: Is there spiritual significance related to one’s Hebrew birthday? Are our prayers more powerful or is there anything customarily done in Judaism in this day?

One of the things related to your mazal is your day of birth. A verse in Tehilim says, “Ani hoyom yeliditicha, sheal memeni v’etna. I have given birth to you today. Ask me and I will give it to you.” Certainly tefilot are more potent on this day. The very elaborate birthday parties we see sometimes have no source in the Torah. The only birthday party mentioned in the Torah was Pharoh’s. The reason is that the ultimate celebration is really the hilula, the day of one’s death, when a person goes back to Hashem with hands full of achievements and accomplishments. Just being born is not a cause for celebration, although it is cause for reflection, thankfulness, and new resolutions for the coming year.



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