Rosh Chodesh & Women

14 01 2010

Based on a shiur by Rebbetzin Tziporah HellerRosh Chodesh & Women

The passage of time, as evinced by the progression of the sun and moon, is intended to be a sign for us that we are meant to be going somewhere. Every moment has different potential and each holiday brings with it its own unique capac- ity to draw us closer to Hashem. We can easily track time with the sun. Why was the moon created? Hashem’s presence in this world is expressed through the ten sefirot. All people have these ten traits to some degree. In women, the feminine traits are stronger and in men the male traits are stronger. All traits can be misused. When corrupted, malchut is expressed as self worship, instead of being directed towards Hashem. The moon said that two kings could not share one crown. It also felt if it would take the crown for itself, it would become corrupted. So Hashem made it smaller. The Navi tells us that at the end of time the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun. It will be a time when the whole world will reflect Hashem’s malchut. Now the Jewish nation is subservient to foreign nations. When Mashiach comes Hashem’s sovereignty will reign. The sin of chet haegel was caused by corrupted Malchut. The Jewish men wanted to follow Hashem only as long as it would give them immediate reward. However, the women did not waver. They personified middat halmalchut in its perfected form, which is emuna in its highest form. Their reward was Rosh Chodesh. Reward in this world is not final sechar, but a means to achieve more spirituality.  Rosh Chodesh is about sanctifying time. It is about bringing infinity into the finite world.  A woman’s role in marriage is Malchut, selflessness. She is compared to the moon, which reflects the light of the sun. A woman takes what her husband provides and nurtures it into something more. In this way she turns her husband and herself into something more significant than two individuals. Her mission is to guard, preserve, and nurture. On Rosh Chodesh all the spiritual forces of the month come down into our realm. On this day a woman can take Hashem’s gifts, uplift them, and thereby bring sanctity into her world.



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