New Pirkei Avot Course begins this week!

22 10 2009

We are excited to present a NEW course on Pirkei Avot, taught by Rabbi Michael Taubes, for your learning pleasure.  The course will go through all of the six chapters of Pirkei Avot, explaining the background of the various ethical teachings of our Sages,a s well as explicating them and applying them to our daily lives.  This course will be geared to students of all levels and backgrounds.

Rabbi Taubes brings many years of experience as a Rav, educator, and author for Artscroll to this class.  He is able to present his material in an interesting and thorough manner.  We look forward to this new learning opportunity, and hope you will take advantage of it as well!  Click on the image below to watch the first shiur in the Pirkei Avot series:

Legacy of Our Sages:  Introduction to Pirkei Avot




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