More Praise for Our Online Torah Classes

5 08 2009

I think Naaleh is doing a great service. I download anything I can get from Rebbetzin Heller and I am truly appreciative for the web site. Thank You.

-Naz Aziz  Great Neck, NY

I think this was the very first class I heard on Naaleh (Megillat Eisha Class 1 with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller). It was fantastic. I enjoyed going through the Perek word by word and getting the thorough explanations, both from the Gemarrah and personal examples. The sound was perfect. After hearing this class, I will certainly want to hear others. I usually listen to the old-fashioned cassettes but that cannot be compared to seeing the speakers as they actually give the shiur. Maybe one day I’ll get a MP3 and I can hear it again and again whereever I am. Thank you so much, and may you be able to continue to put out more classes to the growing audience.

-Shoshana H. Los Angeles, CA

I think that the 200+ class I have viewed this year speaks to how
important and wonderful what your team does…I’m Ba’al Teshuvah 2
years and you allowed me to fast track my learning……
Continued Hatzlaha

-Devorah B. East Windsor, NJ




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