Partners for Life: Chassidic Perspectives on Marriage

3 08 2009

Just in time for Tu B’Av, is bringing you a variety of classes on the topic of dating and marriage.

One of these classes is  ‘Partners for Life: Chassidic Perspectives on Marriage

Summary of the class: A Jewish marriage is a sacred bond which echoes the bond between G-d and the Jewish People. This class, based on the chassidic teachings of the Sochatchover Rebbe, the Shem Mishmuel, presents both philosophical insights and practical comments on the unique beauty of the Jewish marriage.

The first installment of this class is ‘Spiritual Elevation of Physical Reality

In this Torah shiur (class) on the Torah view of marriage based on the philosophy of Chassidut, Rabbi Hershel Reichman describes marriage as a central theme in the Torah. The first story regarding people in the Torah is the narrative of Adam marrying Chava (Eve.) The first mitzva given Man in the Torah is the mitzva to bear children, “pru u’revu”. Chassidut explains that this world is characterized by a confrontation between physicality and spirituality. The fundamental purpose of humanity is to discover the ‘holy sparks’ of the Divine in the physical reality. Marriage is the central arena for achieving this goal.




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