‘I know intellectually that my role is to be a wife and mother…Yet I still feel unfulfilled’ Rebbetzin Heller is here to help!

28 08 2009

Rebbetzin’s Perspective: Balancing Life’s Challenges

This unique class features Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller answering real questions sent in by Naaleh’s female members across the globe. Rebbetzin Heller addresses the challenges and struggles encountered by contemporary Jewish women with wisdom, humor, and understanding.

This past week the following question came in:

I know intellectually that my role is to be a wife and mother, but I often get stuck in the shallow and superficial aspects of it. I try to listen to at least one shiur a day, I’m involved with different self- growth groups, and I am busy with different chasadim.  Yet I still feel unfulfilled. What can I do to make sure that I am maximizing my spiritual potential and that when I go to sleep at night I don’t feel that it was just a meaningless day?

Rebbetzin Heller’s Answer:

You’re doing everything right, but for some reason the spiritual messages you’re getting are not sinking into your life.  I would advise you to switch the topic of your shiur to something with penimius that will affect your attitude. Studying Chassidus such as Nesivos Sholom, is a good start. Here you will find that when you learn about ahavat reyim it will effect actual changes in your interaction with your friends, children and husband. Alternatively, if you prefer something more challenging, I would suggest studying the first Maamar in Likutei Maharan.  Not for the sake of intellectual stimulation, but to help you refocus on the way you look at things. Let the learning flow down to who you really are when you are sorting laundry or checking rice.  Your soul, mind, emotions, and actions should all ideally be on the same page. This was the level Yaakov Avinu reached and this is why he was called “Ish Tam“. Try to step away out of yourself and see the beauty and preciousness in the little things in life. For example, when you are feeding a baby, don’t try to finish quickly so you can get on to the next thing. Revel in the fact that you have a baby, that he can eat, and that he is delighting in his food. Realize that the light that you see here comes from a single Source, which is the Power that energizes everything. Focus on the depth and intricacies of creation and its subtle meaning. Internalizing the inner meaning of Torah will help you discover fresh profundity and purpose in your life.

To listen to the rest of this class cession, click here: Questions and Answers for Today’s Jewish Woman, Part 15 The rest of the class Rebbetzin Heller addresses questions about moving to Israel, giving mussar to a friend in a delicate way, and breaking out of destructive patterns in marriage.

Elul and Rosh Hashana: Days of Closeness and Awe

27 08 2009

Elul and Rosh Hashana: Days of Closeness and Awe

A collection of NEW inspiring Shiurim/classes on the month of Elul and the Chagim/High Holidays by various Na’aleh lecturers.

The first class in this collection is Elul: The Sweetness of Tikkun Hamidot by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller:

In this class on Elul and repentance, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller describes the sweetness of returning to Hashem through correcting one’s character traits, and outlines four systems for Tikun Hamidot. The methods of the Rambam, the Ba’al HaTanya, Sefer Cheshbon Hanefesh, and R’ Nachman MiBreslov are all described in detail.

Just in Time for Rosh Hashana: ‘Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Davening: Open the Gates!’

25 08 2009

Rabbi Michael Taubes is teaching a wonderful course just in time for Rosh Hashana, “Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Davening: Open the Gates!“.

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are days of repentance, introspection, and self-definition. They are also days of tefillah, prayer. A close look at the Tefillot of the Yamim Noraim reveals that these tefillot were designed to help us increase our awareness of Hashem, acceptance of His Malchut, and recognition of Din, as well as properly complete the teshuva process. This course goes through the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Machzorim, explaining their structure, the logical sequence of the prayers, and the meaning and symbolism of key tefillot.

Here is a sampling of the first installment of this course, “Themes of Rosh Hashana”:

To view the entire class click here: Themes of Rosh Hashana

Raving Reviews for ‘Chassidut on the Parsha’

24 08 2009

Rabbi Hershel Reichman’s popular ‘Chassidut on the Parsha‘ is a favorite of many Naaleh.com students. In this course, the relevant lessons of the Torah portion of the week are explored, based on the Sefer Shem MiShmuel. An inspirational eye-opener for both veteran admirers of Chassidic thought and newcomers to this way of serving G-d.

Here is what two students of this class, Abraham and Silene Sarah Bohadana  from France, are saying:

‘Rabbi Hershel Reichman’s class Dwelling of G-d: Shilo vs. Jerusalem was one of most inspiring classes in Judaism we’ve ever had. It filled our hearts with joy and love for our Torah. Thank you very much.’

‘Thank You So Much for Giving So Much’

20 08 2009

I listened to several shiurim on and before tisha b’av, and I just read Torat Imecha now. The shiurim on the three weeks are absolutely beautiful.  I especially enjoy Rebbetzin Heller, Rabbi Segal, and Mrs. Smiles. Thank you so much for giving so much.

-Sharona K.

More Praise for Our Online Torah Classes

5 08 2009

I think Naaleh is doing a great service. I download anything I can get from Rebbetzin Heller and I am truly appreciative for the web site. Thank You.

-Naz Aziz  Great Neck, NY

I think this was the very first class I heard on Naaleh (Megillat Eisha Class 1 with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller). It was fantastic. I enjoyed going through the Perek word by word and getting the thorough explanations, both from the Gemarrah and personal examples. The sound was perfect. After hearing this class, I will certainly want to hear others. I usually listen to the old-fashioned cassettes but that cannot be compared to seeing the speakers as they actually give the shiur. Maybe one day I’ll get a MP3 and I can hear it again and again whereever I am. Thank you so much, and may you be able to continue to put out more classes to the growing audience.

-Shoshana H. Los Angeles, CA

I think that the 200+ class I have viewed this year speaks to how
important and wonderful what your team does…I’m Ba’al Teshuvah 2
years and you allowed me to fast track my learning……
Continued Hatzlaha

-Devorah B. East Windsor, NJ

Partners for Life: Chassidic Perspectives on Marriage

3 08 2009

Just in time for Tu B’Av, Naaleh.com is bringing you a variety of classes on the topic of dating and marriage.

One of these classes is  ‘Partners for Life: Chassidic Perspectives on Marriage

Summary of the class: A Jewish marriage is a sacred bond which echoes the bond between G-d and the Jewish People. This class, based on the chassidic teachings of the Sochatchover Rebbe, the Shem Mishmuel, presents both philosophical insights and practical comments on the unique beauty of the Jewish marriage.

The first installment of this class is ‘Spiritual Elevation of Physical Reality

In this Torah shiur (class) on the Torah view of marriage based on the philosophy of Chassidut, Rabbi Hershel Reichman describes marriage as a central theme in the Torah. The first story regarding people in the Torah is the narrative of Adam marrying Chava (Eve.) The first mitzva given Man in the Torah is the mitzva to bear children, “pru u’revu”. Chassidut explains that this world is characterized by a confrontation between physicality and spirituality. The fundamental purpose of humanity is to discover the ‘holy sparks’ of the Divine in the physical reality. Marriage is the central arena for achieving this goal.