Guest Lecturer Rabbi Alexander Cohen on The Three Weeks

28 07 2009

Rabbi Alexander Cohen of Shearim College of Jewish Studies for Women discusses the opportunity for gaining dveykut with Hashem during the Three Weeks. Here is a short clip from youtube of the class:

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Halachot of Tisha B’Av: A Window to the Essence of the Day

27 07 2009

Based on a shiur by Rabbi Shimon Isaacson

The Gemara writes that Hashem brought the great Destruction because, “Shelo birchu b’Torah techila“-The Jewish people did not recite the blessings on the Torah before learning. With the cessation of prophecy and open miracles, the only way the Jews were able to achieve deveikut-connection to Hashem was through studying Torah. How did this bring about the Churban? The Alshich explains with a parable. The court musician once committed a crime for which he was liable to be put to death. However, since the King appreciated his music so much, he stayed his execution. After some time, the musician lost his ability to play. It was then that he was executed, as there was no reason left to keep him alive.  Similarly, as long as the Jews were learning Torah sincerely they were connected to Hashem in a very intimate bond. Once they ceased studying, there was no reason left to stay the execution and the Churban began.  The way back to Hashem and the ultimate Geula, is through renewed commitment to Torah study.

Excerpted from Torat Imecha: Women’s Torah Weekly. For this weeks edition on Tish B’Av click HERE

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Laws of Muktza Come Alive with Rabbi Isaacson

23 07 2009

Practical Applications of the Laws of Muktza by Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Fabulous and funny and teaches you a lot about muktzeh and hilchos Shabbos! Thanks for making the learning of these halachos so exciting-we couldn’t stop laughing! Your scenarios are classics for all ages and stages. Should be necessary watching for all Jews. Thanks again-tizku lemitzvos ulezakos!

–Rochel (age 17) and Dovid (age 11)

More Student Testimonials

20 07 2009

Thank you so much! I have just been introduced to your website. I am extremely impressed and grateful. I am a former Bais Yakov student and now a grandmother and your classes are just what I was missing! Yehi ratzon shetizku laalot ulehaalot!

– K.K.  Brooklyn, NY

I just bought Rebbitzen Heller’s and Sara Rigler’s new book, Battle Plans, and settled down to read it when there in the first chapter it mentioned  So I finished the chapter and went straight to the computer to check it out.  I am thrilled to see what you have done.  It is exactly the type of site I have been yearning for but couldn’t find.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Aliza Wells  Jerusalem, Israel

Guest lecturer Rabbi Ilan Segal teaches about the Three Weeks

16 07 2009

The Three Weeks, A Recurring Pattern

In this guest lecture by Rabbi Ilan Segal of Afikei Torah Seminary in Jerusalem,  Rabbi Segal explores Bein Hamitzarim as part of a pattern of three week time periods which recur in Nissan and Tishrei.

Rabbi Ilan Segal, Menahel of Afikei Torah Seminary in Yerushalayim. For the past 10 years he has built the school and guided its students.  He has Semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and served as the Rav of Pretoria, South Africa.

More Satisfied Users

15 07 2009

I wanted first to say that I really enjoy learning so much from Naaleh, and I think it’s absolutely amazing that you have such incredible shiurim with such unbelievable teachers.

-Tzipora Leah Shapiro  Cedarhurst, NY

I wish to thank you for this extraordinary achievement. It was only after I started studying towards a B. of Commerce that I realized how ignorant I was in regards to Jewish studies. (In case you were wondering…I am a chasidic, frum woman). Naaleh can definitely address this void and I really enjoyed the classes I attended/watched.

-E.F.  Montreal, Canada

The Positive Feedback Keeps Coming for!

8 07 2009

Thank you for all that you do! Though time is always an issue, your teachings do much to increase understanding. Shalom!

– C.F.

Just want to thank you for the amazing opportunity for learning that your website provides.  I feel as if I have been waiting my whole life for the opportunity to plug into a shiur whenever I have some downtime.  Right now, I am enjoying Rebbetzin Heller’s shiur on Daniel. With much appreciation,


I would like to express my thanks to Naaleh for providing the public with such outstanding shiurim.  You are granting the community a tremendous opportunity when you expose us to the likes of such powerful, creative, articulate talmidei chachamim as Rabbis David, Ginsburg, and Isaacson, among others. And the opportunity to hear Rebbetzin Heller’s thoughts on the very real issues that face women today is priceless. Kol hakavod for all your efforts.  They are not in vain.  You have created learning opportunities for those of us who would otherwise have no access to these exceptional Torah personalities. Wishing you continued success.