What Our Students Are Saying

26 06 2009

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy Reb. Heller’s Q&A sessions.  It’s a real mixture, and there are always some questions in there that really apply to my life!

-E.M.  Brooklyn, NY

I would like to express my thanks to Naaleh for providing the public with such outstanding shiurim.  You are granting the community a tremendous opportunity when you expose us to the likes of such powerful, creative, articulate talmidei chachamim as Rabbis David, Ginsburg, and Isaacson, among others.  And the opportunity to hear Rebbetzin Heller’s thoughts on the very real issues that face women today is priceless.

Kol hakavod for all your efforts.  They are not in vain.  You have created learning opportunities for those of us who would otherwise have no access to these exceptional Torah personalities.

Wishing you continued success.





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