Newest Edition of ‘Torat Imecha: Women’s Torah Weekly’ is Now Available

26 06 2009

This weeks edition of ‘Torat Imecha’ is now available. For the entire newsletter in pdf format click on the following link:

Torat Imecha: Women’s Torah Weekly

Here is sampling of one of the articles in this week’s edition:

Rebbetzin’s Perspective Part 12:
Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on

I tend to look at Hashem’s actions and compare Him to the authority figures in my life, with whom I do not have a good relationship. How can I learn to relate to Hashem in a proper way without associating Him with people who evoke negative feelings within me?Answer:
It is true that having a difficult relationship with people in authority may make finding your way to Hashem that much more challenging.  Some people say, “Avinu av harachman-Our father, father of mercy,” and find that the words resonate within them. They see a vision of compassion, caring, and commitment. Other people do not see this. Unfortunatley it is not what their father meant to them. Some people say, ” Ribono Shel Olam-Master of the world” and see Hashem’s glory, benevolence, and love.  For other people, the word, “Master,” immediately evokes every authority figure in their life and it is not necessarily a positive feeling. The way to separate Hashem from people is to learn to become more aware of Him. In my opinion, the best and easiest way to do this is through hitbodedut-dedicating about 20 minutes to a half an hour each day to talk to Hashem about your life.  The key here is speech because words that come from the heart create a different level of awareness. Learn to see Hashem in nature, your children, and in everything He provides you. You will begin to recognize Hashem as the One who took you out of Egypt, both your own personal exile and the collective exile, as the G-d who is committed to you, and loves you.”

Shabbat Shalom!!




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