Get Ready for Shavuot!

25 05 2009

Shavuot is coming and luckily is there to help you prepare. There are tons of classes available by a variety of teachers on the topic of Shavuot. Check out the Shavuot classes page:

Jewish Calendar: Shavuot

Here is a look at one of the classes:

Shavuot: Naaseh V’Nishma

In this Torah shiur (class) in honor of Shavuot, Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg discusses three possible ways to understand the words ‘Naaseh V’Nishma’, the declaration made by the Jewish People as they accepted the Torah.  Rabbi Ginsburg explains how these words can help each individual prepare for their personal Kabbalat Hatorah on Shavuot.

‘Thank You for All That You Do’

25 05 2009

Shalom, I have just discovered your website and I am humbled. I now realize that I know nothing, and am therefore most grateful to sit at your feet and learn Torah. Thank you for all that you do.

Eunice Joseph  Queen Creek, Arizona

Questions and Answers for Today’s Jewish Woman: Class 8

18 05 2009

‘I just want to really commend the Naaleh website on a job well done!’

18 05 2009

I just want to really commend the Naaleh website on a job well done! I’ve heard about the site for a while but never actually gave it a try. I am between jobs now so I have more time for myself and decided to watch some shiurim. I found it so easy to do and it really makes a shiur more enjoyable to actually see the teacher and not just have it as an audio. The teachers are amazing and it brings back nice memories to be able to watch a teacher I had from seminary deliver a shiur. Thank you for offerring this terrific service.

Rebecca R.   New York, NY

8 05 2009

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NEW CLASS! Sefer Daniel by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

6 05 2009

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller is teaching a new class at Naaleh on Sefer Daniel. Sefer Daniel is a unique and important part of Tanach. This Sefer, written mostly in Aramaic, describes the fascinating and inspirational life of Daniel the prophet, who was exiled to Babylonia during the era between the first and second Temples (Batei Mikdash). Daniel’s prophesies have incredible relevance to contemporary times, as they relate to the Exile and its eventual end.

The first class in this series Dreams Within the Exile Rebbetzin Heller speaks about the nature of dreams, and why Daniel’s mission came through the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams.