Parshat Acharei Mot & Kedoshim – Latest Newsletter and Classes!

30 04 2009

We are now in the third week of the Omer, the special time of year in which we focus on developing ourselves into true Torah Jews. Why not use this opportunity to study Torah at, either with our new Torah video classes, or with this week’s Torah weekly, Torat Imecha? Click on the following link to download the newest edition of Torat Imecha, and on the link to the homepage to see some of our new classes

‘Amazing Website’

30 04 2009

Shalom, I would like to praise everyone involved in Naaleh. I think it’s an amazing website that really helps to spread Torah to everyone on the internet that wants it. Thank you and much hatzlacha.

Yaakov Toubi

‘Seder Was Enhanced’

22 04 2009

I enjoyed the Pesach shiurim immensely, and my preparations and seder were certainly enhanced…but I must say I am THRILLED to see that there is a new Rebbetzin Heller’s question and answer class! Tizku Lmitzvos!

-Mindy Mandel  Passaic, NY

‘A Wonderful Service’

21 04 2009

I found your site last night while searching the words Geula and women. It is a wonderful service. I have been out of school many years and I often miss the opportunity to learn more. I frequently tell my daughters how lucky they are that they are learning every day. There are no regular local shiurim that I can attend. I look forward to being able to learn at my convenience.

– T.R.  Monsey, NY

The Passover Newsletter Edition is Here!!

6 04 2009

Take a break from cleaning and enjoy a nice cup of tea and some Passover Torah inspiration from our teachers.

Enjoy and may you and your family have a Chag Kasher V’Sameach, a happy and healthy Passover!

Passover Edition

‘Cleaning and Learning Torah Goes Good Together’

6 04 2009

I found Naaleh on the internet when I was searching for audio classes online about Megilat Ester. I am a newcomer in Israel. Because of my lack of Hebrew I am not able to get a job in Israel as a Rn-nurse. I am now cleaning houses and that is a real challenge to making a parnasa. To improve my happiness during my work, I decided to learn Torah. Cleaning and learning Torah goes good together- baruch Hashem.

-Deborah Ester K.  Ranana, Israel