Index for Rebbetzin’s Heller’s ‘Achieving Balance’

6 03 2009

Achieving Balance‘  Index

1. Davening in public e.g. Dr.’s office
2. Advice on house management
3. Family vs. Smachot
4. Busy mother/ how much chessed?
5. Welcoming In-laws
6. Personal prayer vs. family obligations
7. Self improvement without husbands support
8. Psak Halacha to a friend
9. Covering hair while reciting a bracha
10. Role change as husband leaves full time learning
11. Guilt about having material posesions
12. Conversations with children at bed time
13. Anger affecting Avodas HaShem

1.    Covering hair around women
2.    Problem attending Shul on Shabbos
3.    Attractive vs. Attracting in dress
4.    Encouraging independence and responsiblity in children
5.    Meaning in serving G-d through Torah vs. Eastern Healing
6.    Problem with “required support” in shidduchim
7.    Family centrality
8.    Feeling love in dealing with children
9.    Domestic work vs. outside employment
10.    Husbands lack of relationship with a Rav
11.    Guilt over husband/wife roles
12.    Busy mother-sad/angry over feeling unsuccessful
13.    Overwhelmed with many life changes
14.    Switching modes at home and work
15.    Pressure to have large families

1. Mother of young children with many opportunities to help community
2. Tzniut in dress and conduct – how does it work?
3. Candle lighting in the 18 minutes
4. View on Torah learning before and after marriage
5. Trusting G-d vs. Personal Responsibility
6. Negativity in home because of husband’s lack of parnassah
7. Opening new school for girls
8. Davening Mincha after marriage
9. Motivate husband toward growth
10. Proper chinuch for children while davening
11. Increase Kavanah in Tefillah

1. First year unable to attend shul for Rosh Hashana
2. Secular literature
3. Feel like a failure
4. Adapting lessons from the sages into our lives
5. Videoing girls school productions
6. What should I read?
7. Kosher movies?
8. Can’t stand most Jewish music
9. Giving up on books, music, and entertainment
10. Lack of Jewish entertainment due to stifling creativity?
11. Covering hair- special for husband
12. Building on husbands contribution
13. Using the internet
14. Responsibility of health and safety for us and our children
15. Parameters of cooking a Shabbos meal

1. Husband in Yeshiva willing to come home and help
2. “Jetlagged” mom
3. Daughters friends seem to be superficial
4. Teaching children the meaning of prayers
5. Video- man who died and came back
6. Developing empathy

1. I can’t daven in public
2. Eating disorder
3. Roommate troubles
4. Obligation toward old friendships
5. Married children for Shabbos
6. Suffering from wrong done to me

1. Physical is fleeting
2. Modern Hebrew
3. Priorities in tznius
4. Being a safe place for children
6. Shaitels – still ok?
7. Respectful tznius
8. Overweight people in the Jewish world
9. Middos in the Frum world
10. Teaching students/children truth
11. Mother/teacher – Questions on G-d

1. Complaining
2. Child in troubled family situation
3. Dealing with alternative lifestyles
4. Wedding plans
5. Feeling alone at Shabbos and Yom Tov

1. Eretz Yisroel vs. Chutz L’Aretz
2. Developing talents in areas of music, art, etc.
3. Teaching children consideration
4. Simchas Torah for women
5. Womens need to express
6. Teaching children tolerance and respect
7. Changing childrens incorrect judgements
8. Teaching children to avoid abuse
9. Husbands lack of dedication to Torah

1. Answering tough questions about Judaism
2. Goodness among non-Jews
3. Parenting as immigrants
4. Dealing with people
5. Raising Jewish daughters 1
6. Raising Jewish daughters 2

1. Dealing with failure
2. Teaching children to be happy with their possessions
3. Role of women
4. Teaches kids not to complain
5. Can you recommend sefer to help me control my eating?
6. Question on righteous women class
7 .Trust Hashem instead of people
8. How can one enhance bitachon when they don’t have a solid family       foundation?
9 .How do I know when to go to a Rav for advice?
10. How do we fulfill being a light onto the nations?
11. Struggling to live with Mumbai Terror
12. Genuinely anticipating Moshiach
13. Role of leisure in Judaism
14. Building by building in depression

1. Balancing many important goals
2. Laxity in hair covering in previous generations
3. Applying medrashim to my life
4. Lonely marriage
5. Physical beauty in Judaism
6. Husbands talking in shul
7. Guidelines for questions in Shidduchim
8. Encouraging husband to value family time more
9. Son just wants to have fun
10. Movies at friend’s house
11. Encouraging husband’s ruchnius
12. Using illness to connect to HaShem
13. Childlessness
14. Parents not liable for damage caused by children

1. Guidance on current events in Israel
2. I don’t have friends
3. Feeling Shabbos #1
4. Feeling Shabbos #2
5. Marital advice
6. Rely only on HaShem
7. Vatranut
8. Troubled youth #1
9. Troubled youth #2
10. Sons lack of Derech Eretz in Limudei Chol
11. Loshon Hora problem

Class #14

•    Miraculous effect of giving Tzedakka
•    Ambivalence to husband teaching in Kiruv setting
•    Increasing achdus
•    “Its not my problem” attitude
•    Judaism on friendship
•    Difficult family situations
•    Appropriate response to unsolicited advice
•    Correcting misimpressions
•    Appropriate corrections
•    Response to judgements
•    Discussing family
•    Cosmetic surgeries
•    Difference in opinion
•    Should I wait to have children?

Class #15

•    Positive influence for religion
•    Loshon Hora among women
•    Mood altering and attention controlling medications
•    Issues with covering hair
•    Confidence in starting a family
•    Mesorah
•    Tzedaka and family
•    Involvement in specific tzedaka
•    Spiritual decline
•    Mother critical of religious steps



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28 04 2009
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[…] The question and answer sessions can be watched in streaming audio and video on, or downloaded in mp3 and ipod format. Past questions have included topics like emuna, tznius, bitachon, chinuch, women’s role, kollel lifestyle, dealing with stress and illness, kiruv, challenges in finding a shidduch, and difficult family situations. The index of questions from the previous question and answer series with Rebbetzin Heller is available on Naaleh’s blog. […]

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