Learn on the Merit of an Israeli Solider

12 01 2009

Rav Hershel Reichman, one of our teachers, recently met with Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a. When asked about the war, the Rav said that the war is related to bittul Torah, (negligence in the area of Torah study), and indicated that now is the time to strengthen and increase our Torah study.

Everyone can help our brothers in Israel during this trying time by learning more Torah. Naaleh.com is heeding the call of the gadol hador, by running a special Eretz Yisrael Solidarity Learning Campaign, encouraging and enabling more Torah study. We are asking all visitors to Naaleh to commit to at least one extra hour of learning per week for the duration of the war in Southern Israel. Participants in the program can choose to learn for the general situation, or can take the name of a specific soldier and learn on his behalf. If you want the name of a specific soldier, please email us at contact@naaleh.com.




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