Solidarity Learning Campaign: Learn in the Merit of Our Brethren in Israel

4 01 2009

As stated in the Gemara (Sotah 21A),Torah study protects and saves the Jewish people. Everyone can help our brothers in Israel during this trying time by learning more Torah. is running a special Eretz Yisrael Solidarity Learning Campaign, encouraging and enabling more Torah by providing the public with free Torah videos and mp3s. Classes at are given on a wide variety of topics so everyone, regardless of learning background or interests, can partake in the opportunity to learn in the merit of the safety of the people of Eretz Yisrael.  Naaleh video classes are unique in that they are created specifically with online learning in mind, they are given as class series that cover topics in depth, and are taught by some of the top Torah teachers in the Jewish world.

Here are just some of the many classes available:

Contemporary Hlacha Hilchot Shabbos III Shabbat Scenarios Practical Judaism

Chassidut on the Parsha Chamash in Depth Parsha Journeys Parsha Learning Group

The Centrality of Torah Study G-d, Family, and Work Gemara Brachot III
Tehillim VYirmiyahu III Insights on Chassidic Masters A study of Tomer Devora

Start learning in the merit of our brothers in Israel and throughout the world.
May our learning and tefillos protect our fellow Jew, and bring Moshiach speedily.
Sign up for free today!




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