Rabbi Michael Taubes Explores Relevant Halachic Issues in Depth in ‘Contemporary Halacha’

29 12 2008

Rabbi Michael Taubes explores various contemporary Halachic topics in a well-researched and clear manner, in Naaleh’s class ‘Contemporary Halacha’. Each class presents a specific contemporary topic. Rabbi Taubes first presents students with the relevant verses in the Torah. He then continues the ‘journey’ through Jewish Halachic history continuing with the Halachic sources from the Talmud all the way through time until contemporary poskim (Halachic authorities) of today.

In the first class in this series, Rabbi Taubes explores the Mitzvah of Tochachah, rebuke. Rabbi Taubes first defines the mitzvah and then goes on to explain various Gemaras which explain the parameters of the mitzvah.
Click here to watch this class: The Mitzvah of Tochacha

Other class topics include the Halachot of an Onan, one whose close relative has passed away and is still not buried, and also the Three Meals of Shabbat.




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