Shabbat Observance Comes Alive in Shabbat Scenarios Class

25 12 2008

Shabbat Scenarios taught by Rabbi Shimon Isaacson is geared to those wanting to learn or review the basic fundamentals of Jewish observance. Each class is a 15 minute explanation including any appropriate demonstration of a specific basic law of Shabbat. Beginners find this class easier to follow then Naaleh’s more in-depth Hilchot Shabbat class. The class follows the dialogue between Rabbi Isaacson and his friend Dr. Edo Lavi, who explore practical Hilchot Shabbat scenarios together.

Here are some examples of various Shabbat observances discussed in previous classes:

– Koshair (tying knots) classes show how to tie shoelaces on Shabbat, what to do about tying garbage bags, and addressed questions regarding women’s head coverings, to name a few.
Click here to watch a class on Koshair: The Prohibition of Tying Knots

-Tofer/Korei’a (mending/breaking) classes demonstrate different scenarios such as how one can pin something shut on Shabbat, which diapers to use on Shabbat and how to fasten them, and when and how one may rip open food packages on Shabbat..
Click here to watch a class on Tofer/Korei’a: The Prohibition of Tofer/ Sewing: Tofer Demonstrations

– Kotev/Mochek (writing/erasing) classes demonstrate issues with eating food with writing on it, playing games like scrabble, boggle, making puzzles, and  making images in the snow or dust.
Click here to watch a class on Kotev/Mochek: Kotev and Mochek Demonstrations




One response

31 12 2008
Esther & Jon Nicoll

My husband and I absolutely love and value the Hilchos Shabbos – Demo classes! They are so easy to understand and apply and with the help of real life demonstrations, hilchos shabbos truly come alive, thank you so very very much, and please keep ’em coming!

With much gratitude,

The Nicoll family

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