Four Different Parsha Classes- There is Something for Everyone!

31 12 2008 has a variety of parsha classes currently going on- there is truly a fit for anyone no matter their background or skills!

Parsha Journeys
Rabbi Hanoch Teller teaches  a basic class in Parsha Journeys, focusing on the narrative of the beginning of each Parsha. Rabbi Teller is the master storyteller weaving together the story of the parsha.

Parsha Learning Group: Discovering Classical Commentaries
Mrs. Chana Prero teaches a  a beginners textual class in Parsha Learning Group: Discovering Classical Commentaries. Mrs. Prero focuses on one topic in the parsha and works through the verses, Rashi, and other commentaries, in a step by step, clear, and concise manner.

Parsha Topics 5769
Mrs. Shira Smiles delves into one theme in the parsha every week, building a beautiful class based on tens of sources.  Known for her passionate style, Mrs. Smiles gives over a beautiful class based on tens of courses.

Chassidut on the Parsha II
Rabbi Hershel Reichman teaches various pieces of the Parsha from the Chassidic work, Shem Mishmuel.
Rabbi Reichman’s lectures are very relevant to modern struggles and challenges.

Rabbi Michael Taubes Explores Relevant Halachic Issues in Depth in ‘Contemporary Halacha’

29 12 2008

Rabbi Michael Taubes explores various contemporary Halachic topics in a well-researched and clear manner, in Naaleh’s class ‘Contemporary Halacha’. Each class presents a specific contemporary topic. Rabbi Taubes first presents students with the relevant verses in the Torah. He then continues the ‘journey’ through Jewish Halachic history continuing with the Halachic sources from the Talmud all the way through time until contemporary poskim (Halachic authorities) of today.

In the first class in this series, Rabbi Taubes explores the Mitzvah of Tochachah, rebuke. Rabbi Taubes first defines the mitzvah and then goes on to explain various Gemaras which explain the parameters of the mitzvah.
Click here to watch this class: The Mitzvah of Tochacha

Other class topics include the Halachot of an Onan, one whose close relative has passed away and is still not buried, and also the Three Meals of Shabbat.

Shabbat Observance Comes Alive in Shabbat Scenarios Class

25 12 2008

Shabbat Scenarios taught by Rabbi Shimon Isaacson is geared to those wanting to learn or review the basic fundamentals of Jewish observance. Each class is a 15 minute explanation including any appropriate demonstration of a specific basic law of Shabbat. Beginners find this class easier to follow then Naaleh’s more in-depth Hilchot Shabbat class. The class follows the dialogue between Rabbi Isaacson and his friend Dr. Edo Lavi, who explore practical Hilchot Shabbat scenarios together.

Here are some examples of various Shabbat observances discussed in previous classes:

– Koshair (tying knots) classes show how to tie shoelaces on Shabbat, what to do about tying garbage bags, and addressed questions regarding women’s head coverings, to name a few.
Click here to watch a class on Koshair: The Prohibition of Tying Knots

-Tofer/Korei’a (mending/breaking) classes demonstrate different scenarios such as how one can pin something shut on Shabbat, which diapers to use on Shabbat and how to fasten them, and when and how one may rip open food packages on Shabbat..
Click here to watch a class on Tofer/Korei’a: The Prohibition of Tofer/ Sewing: Tofer Demonstrations

– Kotev/Mochek (writing/erasing) classes demonstrate issues with eating food with writing on it, playing games like scrabble, boggle, making puzzles, and  making images in the snow or dust.
Click here to watch a class on Kotev/Mochek: Kotev and Mochek Demonstrations

Chanuka Presents at

22 12 2008

During Chanukah we recall the Torah’s ability to extinguish darkness in this world. Join in the quest to diffuse darkness with the light of Torah. This Chanuka, give the gift of Torah!

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Spread the word about all the amazing Torah learning available at by either:
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– Letting your friends know any other way you can

Make sure to tell those you refer to put your name down when they create a new account.
Contest runs until Sunday January 4.

I Still Don’t Have The Words

22 12 2008

I just want to say that I don’t even have words for how wonderful your website is. Making the most wonderful teachers available worldwide for free… still I don’t have the words. I just want to thank you so much.

As a graduate student with a baby and a husband who spends every night in Yeshiva, there is little opportunity for me to attend live shiurim. I know it’s not supposed to be a substitution for live shiurim, but your website enables me to learn when I otherwise would have very little opportunity.

So thank you.

– Debi Rosenberg, Far Rockaway, NY

Fight Darkness with Light: Mumbai Memorial Learning at

10 12 2008

In keeping with the tradition of combating terror with Torah, is currently featuring a special Remembrance Learning Program for the deaths of fellow Jews in Mumbai India.  Naaleh will be running to class series in memory of the Mumbai martyrs until the Sheloshim (30-day anniversary) of their deaths.  Rabbi Hershel Reichman will be teaching Mishnayot Brachot and various Naaleh teachers will be teaching a series of Chanukah classes. Join us in fighting the darkness of terror with the light of Torah.

Please commit to studying at least one of our memorial classes, or all of them, in the zechut (merit) of the martyrs of Mumbai. Click on the links below to start:

Mishnayot Brachot

Chanukah Themes