Naaleh – My Oasis in the Midbar

13 10 2008

For some time, I have wanted to tell you at Naaleh how much I appreciate and enjoy your variety of classes, teachers and subjects, as well as your internet forum and speedy response to listeners. You are truly opening up the walls of the Beit Midrash for all who want to learn, probably for the first time in history.

Many late nights after an exhausting evening shift at the hospital, I have re-centered myself with your shiurim. It is a constant wonder and delight to have your resources “on tap” while taking a bus to Jerusalem, or just washing the dishes at home. All these things are a blessing, but I have still more for which to thank you.

Na’aleh was a true source of support for me during recent visits to the US. I converted to Judaism over 25 years ago, and my non-Jewish, but supportive, family live in the States. I grew up in the American South, in a place where there were scarcely any Jews at all, let alone observant ones, yet from an early age, I found myself falling in love with Judaism from afar, mostly by way of books. I grew up, I made contact with Orthodox Jews, I went through two conversions. Eventually I came to Israel for a year to study, and just never left. It was as though a Tolkien buff had spent years reading stories and suddenly found herself in Middle Earth. Now my life is here, and for my own family and children, Israel is home.

Over the last few years, I have made several trips back to visit my mother ah”s, during her long illness. It was a daunting prospect to have to deal with such a personal and spiritual challenge without my usual sources of family and community support. Naaleh was my oasis in the midbar during many of those days and nights – a constant source of the truest kind of refreshment and reassurance when I was far from Jerusalem. You made it possible for me to bring the Torah with me wherever I went.

Chana Siegel

More Simchat Chaim While Doing My Daily Chores

7 10 2008 has granted me access to a vast array of shiurim. Currently, I work from home and have to take care of the home.  I crave Torah and am very grateful to Hashem that I can bring Torah into my home with such ease, and on my own time.

Naaleh’s shiurim are given by very talented and inspiring teachers. They are the kind of shiurim that I would love to sit in physically, but am not able to do so. There are so many topics available, allowing me to choose which Torah topic is specifically want to learn. This also allows me to give my children fresh Torah that I have just learned. helps bring kedusha into my home when I am folding laundry or doing other such mundane tasks. Who would have thought that while folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping, etc, I could bring kedusha into my home with just the press of a button? Listening to the classes on Naaleh has made tasks that I have always dreaded become easier to do. So not only is my home neater now, but I have more Simchat Chaim while I do my daily chores.

Thank You.

– Tzviah (Raanana, Israel)

Naaleh – Filling a Void in this Jewish Vacuum

7 10 2008

Not long ago, an anonymous “friend” from an online forum for religious women told me about As a formerly non-observant Jew who is gradually taking on more and more mitzvoth, I was curious. I navigated to and found a wealth of inspiring and informative lectures on a wide range of topics. This bounty was a welcome alternative to the scratchy 15 year old tapes of lectures from Or Sameach that I had borrowed from my Orthodox brother. These tapes I needed to turn up to such a high volume to hear that I was afraid they would awaken my napping children! So what a joy to find the high quality, interesting lectures on this website. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my former teacher from my short stint at Neve Yerushalayim, Rebbitzen Heller, was a regular contributor to this site.

Naaleh is filling a void in my life. I am embarking on a journey towards some undetermined level of frumkeit while I reside in a non-religious climate. My family and I currently make our home in an area that is isolated even from other people, let alone from other Jews, let alone from observant Jews! We live quite literally in the middle of the woods in a rural part of the United States. We live in a place where the nearest mikveh is over an hour away, where the nearest shiurim would be a minimum of 45 minutes away, where when I cover my hair, people are more likely to think I am undergoing chemotherapy than adhering to the laws of tzniyut. Here in this Jewish vacuum, I have been lucky to find Naaleh, a virtual community of Torah observant Jews learning about avodat Hashem. Thank you for the opportunity to continue learning!

– Sari Cohen (New Hampshire, USA)