Naaleh – Giving Me the Strength to Rise Above All Storms

17 09 2008

People think that psychologists lead charmed lives – that we do not experience any pain and have it “all together.”  After all, in our offices we are always calm and understanding, radiating an aura of emotional tranquility.  However, hearing tragic stories all day, especially about abuse and grief, can be very difficult.  Furthermore, all human beings, including us therapists, have our own personal trials.  Our ability to understand emotions does not eliminate the pain of our own losses.

The only way to handle pain is to grow from it!  And we need Torah to teach us how to feel Hashem’s love and focus on our own tikkun as we go through these difficulties.  I call this “Emotional Multi-Tasking,” i.e., to accept our pain and, at the same time, use it to strengthen our spiritual powers – such as love, humility, compassion and courage.

The world is facing terror on a level never before experienced.  We are all exposed to stories of abuse and tragedy either by word of mouth or from the media.  It seems that Hashem wants us to feel very insecure in the physical world – because that is the reality we are all facing.  The only way to cope with all this fear and insecurity is to fill ourselves with the inspiration of Torah.  In this way, very little room will be left for despair, anger and anxiety!

This is where Naaleh comes in.  Thanks to your work, we can listen to Torah throughout the day and night, which helps us all rise above the storms – person, political and geographical.  We need these voices of strength and wisdom in our heads!  May Hashem give you the ability – and the money! – to continue your holy work!

Dr. Miriam Adahan




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