Naaleh: Adding Torah to my Day

1 09 2008

Every morning, upon returning from shul, I prepare my lunch, and walk to the subway station to catch the train to work. This time is greatly enhanced by the shiurim provided by Now, rather than let my mind wander for those 25 minutes every morning, it is listening intently to the sacred words of Torah. It is in this way that this wonderful website has greatly elevated my day-to-day routine.

While there are other wonderful websites from which free shiurim can be downloaded, I do not think any are as easy and convenient as Naaleh. Upon entering the site, all of the available teachers, courses and topics can be accessed with just a few clicks. I need not run any cumbersome searches for a topic that might catch my interest.

Aside from its great user interface, Naaleh’s teachers and shiurim are superb. I enjoy the many courses that Naaleh offers on the hashkafos, halachos, and mussar pertaining to the various moadim. However, what has been most meaningful for me has been the opportunity to review Hilchos Shabbos (which always is worthwhile of review) with my Rebbe, Rav Shimon Isaacson. I am grateful to all those that make this great source of Torah available. Thank you.

– Avi Eisenman, Washington Heights, NY




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