Naaleh – A Life Saver in Oregon

1 09 2008

I want to tell you what Naaleh means to my wife and I. My wife and I originally lived in a small town in Oregon. We have a few members of our family that still live there. My family came there as early settlers over 150 years ago. My maternal Great-Great Grandmother’s name was Sarah Levi. It was only a few years ago that we learned that some of our family, including me, are still Jewish. My sister and I became the first to return to Judaism; we are fourth generation Americans and it has been a near miracle that our Jewish identity has not been lost.

My wife and I moved to Baltimore a few years ago to live in a large Jewish Community. We had to recently return to the Pacific Northwest due to family illness. We had only expected to be here a couple of months at the most. But Man plans and G-d laughs, and so we have found ourselves in a situation where we will be here at least until next June. We are 150 miles from the nearest Orthodox Shul. For Orthodox Jews, this place feels like the ends of the Earth.

Naaleh gives us the daily connection to Torah that we could not get otherwise. We are even able to listen daily when camping in the Mountains! When we finally bought an aircard and were able to connect, my wife and I cried feeling like we found our lifeline in Naaleh. B’’H for those with vision to reach out to the Jewish people wherever we are spread. I also want to say that we are making Aliyah next June and are really going “home,” and we hope to continue with Naaleh in Israel. G-d Bless all the wonderful teachers who give so much of their valuable time.

– Daniel and Shannah, from Oregon




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