Refer Your Friends & Win a FREE Ipod!

28 08 2008

Elul is a time to turn inwards, as we examine ourselves and embark on the process of self improvement.  It is also a time to reach out, as we focus on repairing and enhancing our relationships with Hashem and our fellow man.  Why not take advantage of this opportune time to share the greatest gift of all with your fellow Jews?  Tell your friends and family about, giving them the gift of Torah.

Refer new members to from now through the end of the month of Elul, and win one of the three prizes below!  Make sure to tell your friends who create new accounts to put you down as the person who referred them.  To refer your friends, either send them an email or follow this link: Refer Your Friends

Refer 20 or more people:  Enter a raffle to win a brand new ipod nano!
Refer 10 or more people:  Enter a raffle to win an ipod shuffle in the color of your choice!
Refer five people:  Win your choice of Hanoch Teller’s DVD ‘Do You Believe in Miracles’ or Shira Smiles’ audio DVD ‘Thank you Los Angeles’!
(each person may only be entered to win one prize)

And don’t forget about our Naaleh article contest, which is running until September 16th.
Enter a raffle to win a FREE Ipod Nano by writing a short article, between 200 and 400 words, highlighting your personal experience with Naaleh, and email this article to All articles will be posted on our blog, and the winning article(s) will be published in a Jewish periodical.  All those who write articles will be entered into a raffle to WIN A FREE IPOD NANO!  Article topics may include: promoting achdus through learning on Naaleh, Naaleh making Torah accessible to you when it otherwise would not be, or any other topics you find personally relevant. All articles posted or published must include your name and location, so please include this information when emailing us your article.

We hope you will be able to participate in at least one of these two contests, and thank you for helping us continue to spread Torah worldwide.



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